Endless Dance

Never ending and never the same dance of shapes.

500 lines preview

500 lines

A dance of 500 black lines with the same length and thickness. Only position and orientation are changed.

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One after another preview

One after another

A dance of changing rectangles in size, color, position and orientation where shapes begin their transformation sequentially.

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Golden Metamorphosis preview

Aurea Metamorphosis

The Golden Metamorphosis is a very rare flower found in imaginary lands. It's in constant change and may look like any flower that exists or not.

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White Mandala preview

White Mandala

You're feeling good.

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Neon Zen preview

Neon Zen

You're feeling good.

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Geometric Rorschach preview

Geometric Rorschach

What do you see?

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The Party preview

The Party

It's time to do everything!

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